Covid-19 : Latest updates for parents

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Latest updates for parents – Information regarding the wider opening of schools –

School has remained open for vulnerable and key worker children since the beginning of the lockdown.

Monday 1st June
– school will be open to key worker and vulnerable children only, but as numbers are starting to increase we have re organised them into summer term ‘bubbles’.

This is a move from the two groups we have at present into seven smaller groups – essentially one per year group.

There will be no more than 10 children in any one of these bubbles. You will be informed which entrance and exit to use and what time to start and finish.

Children cannot just turn up to school – these are prearranged with us. If you are a key worker and need your child to return to school, it is vital that you get in touch with us beforehand so we can put the necessary arrangements in place.

We need to keep everyone safe; there will be information sheets for parents and children with guidance that must be followed if you wish your child to attend school.

Please ensure the children bring packed lunches with them as there are no meals in school yet.

Monday 8th June
– Opening date for the reception children who have said that they want to return to school.

Thursday 18th June
– Opening date for year 1 children

Week commencing 22/6/20
– We are making arrangements for F1 to return and also Year 6 to return

'I love school, its a good place to learn'...

Children's comments

'You have all been amazing. I hope all you teachers are proud of yourselves for the way you have conducted things throughout this pandemic. Proud to say my children are students at Withernsea Primary School'

Parent's comments

'its really fun, it makes learning fun'

Children's comments

'the teachers explain really well'

Children's comments

'I love school' ...

Children's comments

'I would like to say thank you to everyone at Withernsea Primary School for everything you have have all been amazing'

Parent's comments

'thank you for keeping me safe'

Children's comments

'I love school, its amazing, its like a second home'

Children's comments

' I would just like to say what a great help all the teachers and staff at Withernsea Primary School have been to parents/grandparents and carers during these very strange last months. Thank you'

Parent's comments